Khatib & Alami: Award for WebOffice Emap Solution

The Ajman Municipality in U.A.E. implemented a WebOffice solution for a role based viewing, editing and analyzing of Geodata.

Khatib & Alami (K&A) in Beirut (Lebanon) is a leading engineering and Geospatial Systems Integration company in the Middle East and Africa. The recently published ETEA Project (E-Transformation Of Engineering Affairs Services) provides a geographic view of all land-use, zoning, and infrastructure information associated with agency records, including parcels, permits, inspections, plans, assets, work orders, and service requests. Using WebOffice and ArcGIS both internal (Ajman Municipality) and external (Strategic partners) users can view, edit and calculate data based on their privileges.

For this innovative solution K&A has recently been given the GITEX award – congratulations from the WebOffice Team!

Khatib & Alami - GSI Division



E-Map Viewer Screenshot: Map Overlay – a basic WebOffice function