WebOffice map widget in Sharepoint

Mapping as integral part of the Infrastructure Management Cockpit at ASFINAG

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ASFINAG has added a cockpit application to their Infrastructure Management Tool (all constructions like bridges etc.). This is a Sharepoint implementation that (currently) allows to query and analyze bridges.

For the purpose of mapping the objects right out of sharepoint, WebOffice map widget is integrated. From within the map widget the users can navigate, query, find and identify objects and open respective sharepoint detail pages then. In addition, other data and facts are retrieved from the GIS DB and dynamically added to the Sharepoint results page.

This is all achieved making use of an existing WebOffice project. The defined project is used without any changes to the configuration. To transfer the required know-how for a Sharepoint-integration of WebOffice map widget, two hours of phone-consulting from SynerGIS to the Administrators of WebOffice and Sharepoint at ASFINAG were sufficient. Implementation was then done within 2 days and with only minor additional support by SynerGIS.

Sharepoint-Page with attributes from Sharepoint (lower part) and GIS (in map display)

At the annual SynerGIS Congress in Salzburg, the project was thus part of the Break Out Session „Process-integration GIS / Business-Systems“ because it was a natural fit and a good one, too. Thanks to this easy and straight forward process, other integrations of map widget into business apps will follow for ASFINAG.

Lern more about WebOffice at ASFINAG on the ASFINAG-Reference page