A multilingual welcome to Leipzig

A city map that gets you going

The department of the city of Leipzig that is responsible for Migration plus the geoinformation branch of the city wanted to imporve information available to Refugees/Migrants. Since whoever arrives at a new place and is not familiar with the language and signage needs help.

Important points of contact and information centres for family affairs, jobs, health, religion and administrative tasks like drivers license or ID need to be known. And since mobile (smart)phones are much more common than a folded map, this information has to be available online - searchable - in the languages mst commonly requested.

Thats the motivation behind the Interactive welcome - city map of Leipzig that went live on 19th of December 2016 and is available in paper, too. A webpage explaining the reasoning and content is only available in german, though. It can be found here.

What did it take to crerate this project? Here some figures of our implementing partner ARC-GREENLAB from Berlin:

Data was provided as pdf's and multi-lingual Excel-Sheets - which ARC-GREENLAB took and implemented into a Geodatabase. After that, ArcGIS Enterprise/WebOffice project configuration and the standard features to support multilingual offerings in WebOffice did it all. The existing mobile Client has been slightly adapted by SynerGIS to meet the specific requirements - since mobile access is a majorfeature here. The overall effort was about a week ... worthy of imitation, istn't it?