What’s New in WebOffice 10.5 SP1

WebOffice 10.5 Service Pack 1 is now available and offers several new features.

Support for ArcGIS 10.5.1

Benefit from the ArcGIS 10.5.1 support and use the latest ArcGIS release. Besides, WebOffice 10.5 SP1 is still compatible with all ArcGIS versions starting from 10.2.1.

Google Earth Web Custom Tool (Core Client)

"Google Earth Widget" allows you to transfer the current map extent to Google Earth.

Enhancements regarding the ‘Esri Print’ functionality (Core Client)

"Esri Print", based on a separate Geoprocessing Service, supports various new features:

  • Custom function fields
  • Dynamic legends on print outputs
  • Rotation of the print extent
  • Definition of free scales

Support to upload local DXF files (Core Client)

It is now possible to directly upload local DXF data to the respective WebOffice project.

GIS / CAD export with selected features (Core & Html Client)

Usually, the WebOffice extract functionality refers to the current map extent or to a user defined spatial area. It is now possible to perform an export of selected GIS / CAD data (based on an existing search result or a spatial selection).

Optimizing of the UI of the new Flex Client

With WebOffice 10.5, the new and future-proofed flex client was released in a public beta version, which is based on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. In the future, this new client is going to replace the existing, flash-based flex client. The release of WebOffice 10.5 SP1 optimizes the user interface and the user experience of this client in several points.

Support for edit field categories (Core and Mobile Client)

It is now possible to group one or more edit fields within the editing mask by using categories. Think about a configured edit layer, which contains lots of different edit fields. By configuring categories of edit fields, which can be initially expanded or collapsed, it is possible to provide a clearly arranged editing mask. The colors and icons used for the separate categories can be adapted individually.

Restricted (read-only) edit fields in the edit form during editing action

This new parameter defines the editability of the edit field depending on the edit action. An attribute field can be blocked for a user and thereby a user can be prevented from subsequently changing the object in certain edit actions such as create, edit and copy.

User Management

  • Possibility to copy the rights and restrictions of an existing group in UserManagement Admin Web as an extension of the UserManagement Admin Web Wizard ‘Create group’
  • Support to display the alias name instead of the technical name of a UserManagement group in the Login mask at the group selection page
  • Support of two authentication methods within one WebOffice application system - As a fallback scenario, the WebOffice User Management database can now also be used for authentication via SSO or NTLM (e.g. for external employees without a domain account)