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Integration with map widget in the district of Heilbronn

European User Conference: First impression

After 2 days of pre-conferences the EUC 2015 finally had a great start yesterday! In front of 600 participants Jack Dangermond presented his vision...

Travel Information for Esri User Conference

We are sure you are aware of the refugee crisis here in Europe in general and in Austria/Salzburg more so since many of the refugees want to enter...

WebOffice Reference ÖAI – Excavations at a glance

The Austrian Archaeological Institute (ÖAI) are responsible for numerous archaeological projects at home and abroad.

ArcGIS for Server with SynerGIS...

Esri European User Conference is targeting certification as "Green Meeting"

Any conference is a lot of logistics, travel, materials ... not eco-friendly, basically. But any conference also offers chances to minimize the...

EUC 2015: Detailed agenda available online

24 Workshops and 90 User presentations are waiting for you

The ArcGIS Book

10 Big Ideas about Applying Geography to Your World

Esri European User Conference agenda

Check out the agenda of the EUC in Salzburg with the ESRI Events App. With this App you can organize your individual agenda and overview your...