The Core Client is our client for "Poweruser" at the desktop PC with the highest demands. Extensive tools enable a multitude of GIS functions, which you can easily overlook via the multi-function bar.

User functions

  • Measurement and drawing functions with freely selectable or predefined drawing styles
  • 3D measurement for creating profile lines
  • Free labeling and symbol placement
  • Free editing/construction (with snap function)
  • Define editing workflows by template
  • Add local geodata using drag & drop: CAD, SHP, LPK, TXT, GPX files, raster
  • Upload geo-referenced photos
  • Integrate external services (ArcGIS Online, OGC, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap)
  • Send map excerpt as link by eMail
  • Set geo bookmarks
  • Using print templates and dynamic legends
  • Plot larger sections as mail merge or index print
  • Export geodata from the web: GIS, CAD, raster

Administration tasks

  • UserManagement: Access to features & functions through rights repository
  • Desktop-like convenience - change layer display & personalize GUI
  • Profiles/adapted GUI can be saved thanks to"project memory statuses
  • Predefined views, queries, toolbars
  • Configurable hyperlink calls & integration of external web applications (real integration of external applications by passing parameters)
  • Multilingualism as an integrated concept
  • Extensive online help support for popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome)

Basic features

  • Filter layers/objects dynamically
  • Selection via buffer function and environment search
  • Hierarchical search queries with auto-completion
  • Excel and CSV export of search results
  • "one-click" queries for fast execution of frequent searches
  • Query layer attributes directly on the map
  • Full text search: Quick search over 1-n defined layers
  • Geolocator search: Address search with high accuracy
  • Routing and network analysis
  • Reusing geoprocessing results as a feature class

Context-sensitive user interface The WebOffice core Client transmits the "look & feel" of familiar desktop products such as MS Office or ArcGIS Pro by using ribbons.

Only tools that are actually used are currently visible. The ribbons offer a "look & feel" of familiar desktop products such as MS Office or ArcGIS Pro.

"I want..." Quick toolbar: Assemble frequently used functions yourself

Context menus: Select helpful functions with the right mouse button

Hide/show certain menu items: More space for the map

Central download center: Grouped arrangement of stored information and documents

Define search queries individually and use a large number of predefined elements (selection lists, hierarchical links,...)

The core client in practice The following publicly accessible projects offer you an insight into the core client. Would you like to see more projects? Then send us a non-binding inquiry by contact form (below).

Core Client in the Baysis web portal (Test the client yourself)



Core Client for internal use by the City of Graz

Test WebOffice Would you like to get to know WebOffice? Do you have a question? Our experts help you to implement your industry-specific problems and show you WebOffice at a webinar introduction.

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