During initial warranty you will receive software updates and you can contact our service hotline for free. After this period you may sign a maintenance agreement. The minimum duration of any maintenance contract is 12 months. The duration shall be extended by 12 months if not terminated three months prior to the expiration of the contract.

For software updates and hotline support outside warranty or maintenance and individual services beyond the usual hotline supprt (e.g. specific adaptation, training, consulting) we will invoice an individual quote.

Support Phone

+43 1 878 06 50

Mon - Fri:
09:00 - 17:00

Remote maintenance

For support via QuickSupport remote maintenance please click on the button below. Subsequently, please give us your session code by telephone.

Online support request

Please consider!

Please fill in this form completely. That way you avoid misunderstandings and the delay of your request. Thank you for helping us to give you the required support as fast as possible.

If you transfer data, please keep in mind that the overall size must not excess 10 MB. Whenever there is more than one file to transfer, please add all files to an archive. If you need to transfer an amount of data that exceeds the quota, please contact us in advance, i.e. by phone.

Describe your issue as accurately as possible and report, how the problem can be reproduced (cue of commands, which settings had been changed etc.) Please make sure we get the version of the software you are using and (if known) which service packs are installed.