WebOffice Videos

These Screencam-Videos present WebOffice key concepts and features. They are hosted at youTube in the SynerGISvideo-Channel.

WebOffice System & Highlights

WebOffice Plattform
Overview on your mobile WebGIS (4 min)

WebOffice Core Client
Based on html and JavaScript (5 min)

WebOffice mobile Client
For touchscreen devices
(4 min)

ArcGIS Online integration 
Embedding map services in WebOffice (3 min)

Administrative Tasks

Create a new WebOffice project
Create a new project in WebOffice author (6 min)

Define a Layer query

Define a new custom query in WebOffice author (6 min)

Configure and use the print tool
Configure and use the print tool in WebOffice (8 min)

Define an Editing task

Define a new Editing task WebOffice author (7 min)

WebOffice in Action

... at Graz (25 years of GIS)
Featuring WebOffice (5 min)

... at Wien Energie Gasnetz
Part of daily routines (6 min)

... at Gas Connect Austria
Supply requires safety (5 min)

... at Kabel Deutschland
A real Enterprise system (15 min)