WebOffice Solutions

WebOffice as a platform is used in many industries as part of tailor-made customer solutions. In all of these scenarios WebOffice is used as an integrative mapping component that links and extends existing IT-infrastructures.

Applications that are not web-enabled can get an intuitive web-user-interface that way. This results in "everywhere-solutions" to be used in the office but also using a mobile device. The following categories are typical industries and the use-cases are common scenarios in operation at numerous customer sites:

(Local) Government

From municipality to federal agency: Departments and inter-departmental teams use spatial tools for planning and analysis. In addition, citizen engagement and public portals are important in today's government.  

WebOffice: Government use


Infrastructure management is made up out of many details and specialized know-how: Initial planning plus gained insights as moving along plus synergies will be "management". 

WebOffice: Industry use

Oil & Gas

Information enterprise-wide: Specialized applications from exploration to production.
WebOffice links results and visualizes

WebOffice: Oil & Gas use


In planning, operations, marketing and call-center:
Access to current status information based on location is business critical in Telco.  

WebOffice: Telco use


Streets and waterways, rail, airtraffic: Along all transit corridors, real estate and objects of all kind have to be maintained. Special requirements that require a special solution. 

WebOffice: Transportation use

Utilities & Disposal

Ducts, manholes, trenches, pipes, cables: Planning, construction, operations and maintenance require locational information, connectivity, status and object attributes - linking different expert systems. 

WebOffice: Utilities & Disposal use